The lifestyle at Avanti Senior Living at Covington is one of satisfaction, vitality and choice. Our advanced engagement programs paired with our Southern-style amenities ensure that assisted living residents remain vibrant and engaged, with a wide variety of options that reflects the diversity of Louisianans. Residents shape our offerings through collaboration between our team and the resident council, with residents ultimately choosing to participate in programs and outings just as one does when living independently – only with considerably more options and convenience.

We employ a full-time Engagement Coordinator to engage with residents and develop activities that they want to participate in – igniting passions and ensuring engagement. It is important to us that residents wake up each morning and get excited about their day, whether they are spending their time participating in activities, spending times with friends, or just relaxing and enjoying life.

Life at Avanti Senior Living at Covington means delicious daily meals, prepared with revolutionary new cooking technology—the Green Kitchen platform—which offers a groundbreaking invention that can prepare food in minutes, safely and to perfection. This allows “on demand” meal requests for favorite dishes, cooked to order, from a much wider selection—similar to a gourmet restaurant. Family members and outside guests are always welcome to visit for an enjoyable meal and many do.

Avanti worked with the industry’s leading architects and design firm to develop an environment that inspires all ages while echoing the history and beauty of the Deep South.
In addition to the lifestyle we will deliver, we believe our residents will enjoy the Cajun flair we will provide by hosting crawfish boils in support of LSU and the NOLA Saints. Once the community is open, we will proudly hang the LSU flag and the NOLA Saints flag to showcase our state pride. Geaux Tigers!